the Naked Shifter (2007)

Way back in May of 2007, I made an analog 8-stage phase shifter guitar pedal for my ex-boyfriend’s birthday. The PCB came from and was intended to be a rack module based on the panel template and power requirements. I thought it would be more fun as a foot pedal, especially for performance situations.  Finding the parts and soldering the board wasn’t too hard but when it came to creating the 80’s punk rock inspired enclosure, I needed help. Luckily, my friend Mike was kind enough to volunteer his time, tools and expertise to make my vision a reality! And he helped me add more blinky blinky which is always good.  Major kudos to Ray Wilson at MFOS – this pedal sounds AMAZING – bubbly warm and totally yummy.  I hope it is still being loved on somewhere out there…

Ben trying out the new toy

check out the design at MFOS:


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