wedding 2.0

When 2 nerds marry each other, there’s no choice but to take it to the next level.  The Apple contingency was especially enamored with the Apple IIe Wedding Reception Assistant, complete with ASCII wedding cake art.  Since my first foray into the joys of programming was writing BASIC in the third grade, we had to incorporate this somehow.

Our Apple IIe Wedding Reception Assistant

My husband Nathan is from Atlanta, which inspired the casual southern theme for the reception. Nathan has fond memories of catching fireflies so we thought it would be cool to capture that feeling at the tables, but with an electronic twist.  We found these really neat itty bitty incandescent bulbs that made wonderful “fireflies” which I animated using custom picaxe microcontroller firmware.  Nate and I worked together to design and construct an original PCB cut on his homemade CNC router.

Incandescent “Firefly” Jarsnerdout

uh oh… now do that 15 more times.

Uh oh... lots of work to do


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