Moss skirt and Renfrew top

Moss skirt and Renfrew top

After the Cooper bag contest, I was really hungry for an easy garment make. So, I busted out my trusty Renfrew top pattern, this time with long sleeves. I extended the cuffs a bit for a color blocking effect of sorts – I like the way it turned out! Black and white stripes are totally me. I will be wearing this on the regular.

Now the Moss skirt is actually an old make for me that I failed to blog about in real time. My excuse: the photography. While I enjoy writing about my sewing projects, I suck at photography. 😦 To be completely honest, I kind of dread it. It takes forever because I have to shoot a million pictures to produce just a handful of acceptable ones. But, I’m getting better and faster with practice. So, I’m not letting it hold me back anymore! I even ordered a camera remote today so I can try taking my own modeling shots. Ok, back to the photos…

Moss skirt

Moss skirt back

Moss skirt waistband

Moss skirt pocket

I LOVE this skirt. As you can see by the wrinkles, I wear it constantly including the day I took the photos. I’m really turning into a skirts and dresses girl these days, LOL (my friends know me as a lifelong tomboy).

Do you like my wacky fabric choices? The main fabric is this plum colored fine corduroy with a tiny bit of stretch. I really like red and purple together so I picked a fun red print for the lining. I hemmed this skirt a little longer than directed by the pattern. It is comfy this way but I will probably go shorter next time. I also let out the waist a small amount but generally the cut of this skirt fits my shape well without modification.

I’m able to get away with bike riding but it is totally stretching my skirt out of shape. If I make another one out of a firm woven, bike riding most likely won’t fly. Speaking of flies, this was my first attempt at a zip fly. Thanks to Jen’s helpful tutorial, I had success on the first go. W00t!



  1. Adorable! Let me know if you can ever be persuaded to make some pieces for Sarah — she has a hard enough time shopping at her height, and everything you make is so damn cute!


    1. Thanks for the compliment! Oh man, I would love to sew clothing for others but I’m still a beginner in terms of fitting myself, let alone fitting someone else. You know, ill fitting clothing was a big motivator for me in learning to sew my own garments…perhaps Sarah might consider learning to sew to finally achieve her ultimate fit! If she is interested, let me know. I’ve found so many great resources to get started!


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