herringbone winter shorts

herringbone winter shorts
The flip side of San Francisco’s non-existent summer is a very mild winter, making this outfit possible in January. Paired up with some tights or knee socks, these shorts are great for cool weather, and pass the bike riding test with ease.

herringbone winter shorts

herringbone winter shorts

The pattern is another winner from Deer & Doe. Aren’t the waistband and pleating details adorable? The design enabled me to replace this other cute pair of tweed shorts with pleats and cuffs that no longer fits me. It also allowed me to experiment with pants fitting without investing a lot of time and fabric into the project.

I’m happy with the final look but I could have done a better job fit wise. There’s too much fabric in the crotch area (the pleats don’t help) and the hips could be more fitted. I’m afraid I’m not endowed with the bootie these shorts were designed to accommodate! (Um, thank you MOM for the pancake butt, LOL!) I muslined in a thin fabric which was nothing like the wool I ended up using. Also, I thought I needed to leave more ease for the lining. Not true. Lessons learned for next time.

The top is another Renfrew in a sweater knit. No doubt, an instant gratification project compared to a hand knit! Sweater knits are such fun…I see more in my future 🙂

I got a great deal on the herringbone fabric when I was in Atlanta shopping at Hancock’s with my mother-in-law (they actually sell something other than quilting cotton and children’s fleece!) It is an easy care medium weight wool-poly blend. Yup, pop that puppy right into the washer and dryer – no probs. And it pressed and shaped beautifully. Yay for wool! I chose this soft and drapey rayon challis for the lining. It feels great but snags easily. I’m kinda regretting that selection but oh well.

herringbone winter shorts

herringbone winter shorts

herringbone winter shorts

CHICKEN: get out of my shot!!

look at me

Our largest chicken, T-Rex, just resumed egg laying after the fall molt and holy moly, she is driving me crazy with her squawking. Wow. Can you see that beak wide open? Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking hens don’t make noise. She wants “attention” and thinks I’m a rooster. Gross!



  1. Thanks! I’m getting so much use out of these. So glad I lined them since it’s too warm here for tights, otherwise I’d be an itchy mess. I highly recommend this pattern!


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