coop door maiden run

Our door prototype assembled from scavenged materials is running in the wild with great success!

door prototype

At first, the chickens were not wild about the whole thing:

But after a few weeks of that little gear motor cranking away twice a day, they could care less. Now onto new hardware and cloud stuff…



  1. I need help envisioning what’s moving. Does the blue lucite/plastic piece slide left-right over the opening? And does the large door-like piece swing open on hinges?


  2. Hey,

    We would like to use your chicken door technology to open and close our drapes while we are on the road,

    If you would share your design, I have some 6ft lengths of 3/8″ ACME threaded rod, ACME nuts, and some 12v gear motors to drive them. I think I my have an Arduino as well.




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